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As a homeowner, protecting your home is one of your top priorities. It’s the reason you purchased home insurance. Many homeowners think a policy they bought years ago, covers them completely today. In reality, insurance coverage needs change over time. People who aren’t mindful of their policy could have home insurance gaps. READ MORE >>

There may not be anything more worrisome for a parent than to have to allow their child to take the keys of the car for the first time alone and watch them pull out of the driveway. You’ve done your best to teach them how to drive. They’ve passed their tests. But are you sure your teen will be a responsible driver? READ MORE >>

Renters insurance is a valuable investment you can make. As you move into your new location and get settled in, you may wonder what value renters insurance can offer. Then, something happens and you are faced with a significant loss. Why did it occur? What can you do about it? READ MORE >>

One of the risks that vehicle owners face is theft. Although it may not seem as big of a threat today as it used to be, vehicle theft remains a big factor in ownership. However, you can put auto insurance in place to help minimize the risk that you will lose financially should your vehicle be stolen. READ MORE >>

One of the many reasons why there aren’t more accidents is because most people obey the traffic rules and regulations. Most people drive safely, avoid speeding and avoid accidents. Unfortunately, there are times, when someone may choose to drive under the influence, which places everyone on the road at that time in danger. READ MORE >>

How much do you pay for your home insurance? Many factors go into play when it comes to getting the best rate for your home insurance policy. If you have a good credit score and don't make claims too often, you are likely paying an affordable amount for your policy. READ MORE >>

Tailgating is a very dangerous driving practice that motorists do for a variety of reasons. Some motorists are in a hurry to get somewhere, while others don't like adjusting their speed to accommodate the driver ahead of them. Sometimes drivers tailgate without realizing it because they are accustomed to short following distances. READ MORE >>

Some drivers are required to carry an SR-22 on their auto insurance policy to prove that they have insurance and the financial resources to pay in the event of an accident. If your state has revoked your driver's license for any reason, it's likely that you'll need SR-22 insurance to get it back. READ MORE >>

Heading off to college for the first time should be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it could quickly become a nightmare if a fire or theft in your college dorms deprives you of your personal possessions. If you’re moving far from home, the likelihood is that you will have most of your worldly possessions with you. READ MORE >>

Damage to cars caused by bad weather is fairly common across the country. With the arrival of spring and the onset of spring and summer storms, car owners should be prepared for possible damage by having the right kind and amount of insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

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