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Say you have an accident and receive a DUI. You then receive a notification that the state now requires you to carry an SR-22. But what is an SR-22 and how do you get one? What Does an SR-22 Do? Often called SR-22 insurance, an SR-22 is proof that you carry car insurance. An SR-22 is not insurance. READ MORE >>

This infographic, provided to us by Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram South Savannah, will provide 7 easy tips for what to do after a car collision. READ MORE >>

Finding and renting an apartment is a huge task—and often an expensive one. Many apartments have a fee to simply apply for an apartment. It’s frustrating and stressful, and after you find an apartment, the last thing you want to think about is spending more money. READ MORE >>

Finding affordable auto insurance is hard enough with good credit, but if you have bad credit, it may be even harder. In Georgia, you may pay up to 131% more for auto insurance if you have poor credit as opposed to exceptional. Can I Get Auto Insurance if I Have Bad Credit? READ MORE >>

Bad credit for bikers is generally treated the same as bad credit for other vehicle drivers. While some insurance companies raise rates due to bad credit, this isn’t always the case. Some insurance companies have more leeway while others don’t consider credit as a factor at all. READ MORE >>

Unless you get involved with the legal system, you may never hear about the term SR-22. As a result, there is a significant amount of misinformation and confusion surrounding SR-22 requirements and insurance options. Yet, drivers who want to get back on the road after a serious infraction need to learn more about what an SR-22 certificate is and how it impacts their choices. READ MORE >>

In most cases, your car insurance policy is a binding contract between you and your insurance company. As long as you pay on time and stick to the terms of the contract, you won't find yourself suddenly lacking coverage in the middle of a six-month term. READ MORE >>

Being in a car accident can take a toll on you, both financially and emotionally—not to mention physically if you’re seriously injured. However, following these steps can help smooth the process and get you back on the road sooner. Exchange Information READ MORE >>

Long-range driving can be risky, but trucking can still be performed with safety in mind. Long drives, frequent stops and daily trips can be mentally cumbersome. However, your trucking insurance provider is there to help protect your journey—every leg of the way. READ MORE >>

By law, the state of Georgia requires all drivers to carry car insurance. The law generally trusts all drivers to get covered on their own. However, it also requires drivers to carry proof of coverage in their vehicles, and it allows the authorities to ask drivers for proof of insurance if they pull them over. READ MORE >>

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